Gladstone to Fitzroy Pipeline Transaction Management
Infrastructure Planning & Advisory

The 117km Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline is a $983 million project to address the single source water supply risk from Awoonga Dam and enable long-term water security for GAWB’s customers.

The pipeline will also support future water for Gladstone’s emerging hydrogen and renewables industry. The 117-kilometre pipeline will run from the Lower Fitzroy River in Rockhampton and connect to Gladstone Area Water Board’s existing water network at Yarwun. The pipeline comprises a water treatment plant, reservoirs and pumping stations at locations along its alignment including Laurel Bank, Alton Downs and Aldoga. The Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline will have the capacity to transport 30 gigalitres per annum from the Fitzroy River to Gladstone.

Hartecs partnered with Tell Advisory as the transaction manager throughout the EOI and ECI phase of the project. Hartecs role included providing technical subject matter expertise on pipelines and water treatment throughout the procurement process, including attending interactive workshops, panel member in the evaluation process, review of tenderer submissions and management plans and supporting GAWB throughout the duration.

Location Gladstone
Client Gladstone Area Water Board
Sector State Government
Project Management / Advisory
Project Lead
Jacob Wier (Partners – Tell Advisory)
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