Meet the Team

Ben Harte

Managing Director

Ben’s genuine passion revolves around nurturing growth and development for everyone involved with Hartecs. The core of our business development is rooted in forging a legacy and upholding a steadfast commitment to the long-term vision of an infrastructure-focused company that cultivates and empowers outstanding individuals.

With over 25 years deeply entrenched in the infrastructure development sector, Ben’s journey began in construction delivery. Here, he honed a sharp focus on aspects like scope, time, cost, and quality of infrastructure projects. This expertise naturally evolved into resource and stakeholder management, laying the foundation for his passion in fostering effective and efficient teams and individuals.

As a business owner, Ben embodies authenticity and places immense worth on trust, commitment, and resilience. He recognises that true success encompasses not only profitability but also the contentment of both our team members and clients. The business, therefore, prioritizes decisions aligned with its values to maintain a consistent approach and yield predictable outcomes.

Pat Moore

Head of Operations

Patrick is a dynamic motivator known for his unwavering commitment to team success. With a keen ability to inspire and unite diverse groups, he excels in fostering collaboration and driving results. his leadership style centers on harnessing the collective potential of his teams, instilling a shared sense of purpose, and nurturing a winning mentality. His track record speaks volumes, as he consistently elevates team performance to achieve remarkable success in a wide range of project engagements.

Patrick’s experience covers a broad range of civil engineering design, construction and planning activities within Local and State Government authorities and the private sector over the past 23 years. Most recently, Patrick has been engaged as a Principal Project Manager and prior within the Public Sector, employed by Isaac Regional Council as Director Engineering and Infrastructure.

Patrick’s strong work ethics, effective time management, and strong family values are his guiding pillars. They keep Patrick grounded and drive his success in both work and personal aspects.

Nicole Gough

Manager Business Services

Nicole is motivated by the chance to steer teams towards success and drive operational excellence. She is passionate about nurturing a culture of growth, fostering strong communication, and implementing effective strategies that lead to tangible outcomes. Nicole is energised by the dynamic challenges of business management and is dedicated to maximising efficiency and innovation while fostering a collaborative and thriving work environment.

With over 20 years’ of expertise in accounting, office management and administration, Nicole possess a comprehensive understanding of accounting practices and efficient administrative procedures. Her extensive experience encompasses financial reporting, team leadership, and process optimisation, reflecting a proven track record of successful contributions to diverse organisations.

Nicole has a strong sense of responsibility and a level of maturity that excels in any situation that comes to hand. She shows a high level of initiative and follows all tasks to their completion with a pragmatic attitude to problem solving.

Jacob Weir

General Manager, Infrastructure Planning & Advisory

Jacob’s passion resides in cultivating strong client partnerships, driven by a genuine understanding of their needs. His mission is to empower them with well-informed investment decisions through transparent and robust advice. Jacob places high value on an integrated approach, fostering collaboration between clients and industry stakeholders to effectively lead, manage, develop, and assess outcomes.

Jacob brings nearly 15 years of invaluable engineering and consulting experience leading the Infrastructure Planning & Advisory team. His expertise lies in guiding clients towards achieving their objectives, encompassing strategic planning, proficient management, and the seamless execution of infrastructure and urban renewal endeavors. Our team excels in comprehensive strategic planning, policy formulation, and advice, ensuring the alignment of services and investments with the pulse of local communities.

Jacob stands as a true Central Queensland local ingrained in the region’s coastal allure. His ability to seamlessly intertwine family life, professional commitments, and community engagement reflects the harmonious blend of living amidst the captivating regional backdrop.

Charles Cook

General Manager, Engineering Services

Charles is a Registered Professional Engineer with over twenty years’ experience across the private and public sector. Charles is the Manager, Engineering Services of Hartecs Group.

As an experienced Civil Engineer and Project Manager, Charles has managed projects from masterplanning stage through to construction completion. He has strong leadership skills leading multi-discipline teams internally and externally.

Charles background is largely in the disciplines of Engineering Consultancy, Construction and Contract Administration and Development Assessment. Charles is a Sunshine Coast local and is able to apply his extensive local knowledge and experiences to projects large and small.

Charles is a Sunshine Coast local and takes great pleasure is assisting private and public sector clients alike realise their vision for a project.

Allister Whatmough

Contracts Administration and Verification Lead

Allister is a registered professional civil engineer renowned for his dedication to delivering optimal value and superior quality in project execution while minimizing unnecessary complexities. With over 30 years of experience in the civil construction industry, he brings a profound understanding of effective construction methodologies, ensuring projects are completed correctly on the first attempt.

Allister’s passion extends beyond project execution; he is deeply committed to coaching and mentoring his teams. He fosters an environment where individuals are encouraged to grow and excel in their careers, promoting continuous professional development. His approach ensures that seasoned expertise within the industry is preserved and cultivated, contributing to sustainable industry growth.

Allister emphasizes collaboration and innovation, working closely with his teams to achieve outstanding results. His leadership not only enhances team performance but also ensures that all stakeholders benefit from the projects undertaken. By prioritising quality, efficiency, and professional development, Allister consistently delivers successful outcomes for everyone involved.

David Freer

Technical Principal

David focuses on making a positive difference in the way we live, work and play, through good planning and delivery of the transport and land use system that benefits us, society and the planet that we share; and above all else to have fun.

David brings over 30+ years of work, study and life experience in the management and delivery of integrated transport, land use infrastructure and operational delivery projects.

David’s goal is to leave a legacy where the outcomes of his work make a difference for the good and where he can proudly say – “I helped deliver that”!

Aaron Donges

Principal Planner

Aaron is passionate about building accessible, connected, safe and sustainable communities for people. He is deeply wedded to the concept of legacy and driven to ensure that future generations inherit a better world. For Aaron, professional satisfaction means working collaboratively and creatively to provide pragmatic and enduringly positive solutions to problems.

With almost 15 years’ experience, Aaron, a seasoned Registered Planner is adept at delivering integrated land use and transport planning engagements in both public and private sectors. His specialisation lies in active and public transport planning, integrated transport planning, strategy formulation, policy development, stakeholder engagement, and community consultation. Aaron has a keen interest in the intricate interplay between land use and transport policy alongside financial sustainability.

Aaron enjoys spending time with his family, playing competitive soccer, learning, and watching all kinds of sport, particularly Formula 1, cricket and soccer.

Chase Kempe

Principal Designer

Chase has a passion for innovation and collaboration and is motivated to provide quality, value and transparent development of digital design solutions for all project stakeholders and team members.

With twenty years’ experience in the industry, Chase has been involved and lead design teams for public and private projects including Defence, small to master planned subdivision, commercial/industrial developments., roadworks/bridges and municipal infrastructure and sporting facilities. Responsible for design delivery and managerial tasks, working group leads, implementation and change management and assistant PM and CA roles.

Chase is a Sunny Coast local that appreciates time and adventures with his family. In his role Chase enjoys the broad range of projects, collaboration and the challenges they bring in the civil engineering design field. Continual learning and finding creativity and innovation in a rigid environment using digital tools are also parts of the roles Chase enjoys.

Leigh Smith

Senior Civil Engineer

Leigh’s passion is fueled by building better roads for local communities that leave a legacy. Leigh is dedicated to and implementing innovative construction techniques that improve project outcomes and is motivated by communicating and collaborating with different teams to deliver transport infrastructure projects.


Leigh is an experienced engineer and project manager with 15 years’ experience in civil and structural, specialising in Transport Infrastructure Contracts managing projects from concept through to finalisation. Leigh has fulfilled critical roles to deliver some of the region’s most significant projects such as the Rockhampton Ring Road (Bruce Highway), Gracemere Industrial Access Project (GIAP), Yeppen North Project and the NDRRA Project (Bruce Highway). Leigh brings substantial experience in construction of roads over subgrades of poor nature and as such has developed proven methods of dealing with constructability issues in challenging ground conditions. Having a versatile approach allows Leigh to apply his knowledge to ensure best of project solutions are adopted. 


Leigh enjoys spending time with his family, loving the outdoors and watching NRL and Cricket. Up the Bulldogs!

Charlie Maitland

Senior Civil Engineer

Charlie’s expertise ranges from small structural projects, though to detailed design and delivery of large residential subdivisions. Charlie has been involved and lead engineering teams for both private and public sector projects, including the delivery of the Aura City Centre project in Caloundra.

Charlie specialises in detailed civil design, stormwater drainage quality and quantity modelling, and construction delivery.

With over 8 years’ experience in the industry, Charlie enjoys mentoring junior staff and providing practical guidance to engineering problems and designs.

In his spare time, Charlie enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, and making music.

Brett Nicholls

Senior Project Manager

Brett is passionate about delivering pragmatic land outcomes through a holistic project delivery approach, from master planning then staged delivery working from the whole to the part. Brett is outcomes focused to deliver projects with community and stakeholder engagement on time, to scope and on budget, then reviews results for continuous improvement. Brett enthusiastically facilitates the planning, designing and delivery of projects from ‘cradle to grave’ while considering ‘whole of life’ costs. He has well-developed people skills to achieve outcomes through empowerment and the provision of clear vision and direction in a safety conscious environment.


With over 40 years of practical experience, Brett is a highly qualified land management professional with a demonstrated history of delivering results in various levels of government and the private sector. He plans, acquires, manages and disposes of lands including native title and cultural heritage considerations along with landholder and community engagement. Brett investigates, prepares and presents well-articulated reports to State Ministers, Boards and Councils.


Brett enjoys keeping fit, community service and spending quality time with his family. He has a keen automotive interest and enjoys performing home improvements when not traveling.