Hartecs were engaged to provide contract administration and verification services on behalf of Department of Transport and Main Roads, Cairns over a program of projects to reconnect.

Cape York Region Package – Peninsula Development Road
Infrastructure Delivery

Hartecs are engaged to provide Contract Administration for the Cape York Region Package Stage 2 in four key projects.  Works include assisting the Principal Representative in assessing and verifying that all stages of design and construction are compliant, during the works involved in widening, drainage, and sealing approximately 55km of the Peninsular Development Road.  Construction is only carried out during the dry season as roads are subject to flooding during the wet season.  Summary of infrastructure:

  • $190M progressive bitumen sealing of priority roads and $47M of community access roads

  • Construction of new 236m Archer River Bridge

Location Cairns
Client Department of Transport and Main Roads
Sector State Government
Contract Administration & Verification Services
Project Lead Ben Harte
Project Date

In Progress



Project Value

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